About Me

I often joke that I was "doomed" to a life of art. Growing up, I was surrounded by artists and musicians and knew that I wanted to follow a similar path. Tattooing became a dream of mine when I was 12 years old, so I began to steer my life towards it anyway I could.  An apprenticeship was offered to me shortly after high school and I began tattooing in 2009. 
I've always tried to stay pretty well rounded with the type of tattoos I do, but I do find myself drawn to designs with elements of nature and more organic subject matter (animals, flowers, skeletons, ect.)  I am always opened to new ideas to tackle though! I firmly believe in incorporating classic tattoo techniques but with a more realistic twist to it. Bold lines & bold color with lots of depth and contrast. Please take some time and take a thorough look at my portfolio and make sure that my style fits the idea that you are looking for. Again, I am always opened to new ideas and challenges, so if you have any questions drop me an email or swing through the shop!